Wendy McCulloch, DVM


Dr. Wendy McCulloch owns and operates Home Vets NYC / NJ and Pet Requiem – convenient and compassionate home veterinary services founded to provide wellness care; vaccinations; routine testing; acupuncture; in-home euthanasia; and hospice care and health evaluations for geriatric and terminally ill animal companions. Pet Requiem is the first House Call Veterinary Practice established to specifically offer these services to patients in New Jersey, the New York Metropolitan area and Staten Island.

Dr. McCulloch believes pet owners are more comfortable with their decision and experience a sense of closure sooner if their animal companions experienced a peaceful and dignified transition in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. McCulloch holds veterinary licenses in New York and New Jersey, she obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Florida and completed a veterinary internship at the Animal Medical Center in NYC.